Garden Design and Landscaping FAQs – by Award Winning Designer Tim Brayford

Planting Plan Example 1.1

This garden is an overgrown mess, but where to begin?

Tim Brayford Landscapes FAQs

I’d like to have my garden designed, how do I go about this?

 Please contact us to arrange for a consultation. This exchange of ideas will be the foundation on which your new garden will be created. Our follow up recommendation reports are very popular and may be augmented by design plans where desired.

I’m very interested in having you design and build a garden for me, where can I see examples of what you have done in the past?

Please visit both the portfolio and testimonial pages of our website to view some of our past projects and hear what our very many satisfied clients have had to say.

Landscaping Proposal Example 1

When is the best time to have a garden designed and landscaped?

The consultation and design stages of the project may be done at any time. Although gardens can also be landscaped at any time of year more can be done when the days are longer and the weather is good. Rain and mud creates mess and will slow the work down. Planting can be done at any time of year but autumn, winter and spring are better for getting them established.

Tim Brayford Landscapes – A garden in spring

How much will having my garden landscaped cost?

Once we have met you and discussed your requirements we will be better placed to supply free estimates for the garden construction works

Can any size of garden benefit from being designed?

Yes. The point of good garden design is to make the most of the space you have available and ensure that the garden and house sit comfortably together. That’s what we set out to do, so you can get on with enjoying your garden.

Tim Brayford Landscapes – A large skipper butterfly feeding on geranium “Wargrave’s Pink

Can we have a garden that is child, pet and wildlife friendly?

A garden which is designed to withstand a little wear and tear is great for children, pets and wildlife. If need be these wilder areas can be separated off by hedging or fencing from the more orderly parts of the garden.

Do we have to have all of the landscaping done at once?

The design work usually encompasses the entire garden but if you just want part of your garden to be landscaped then that is no problem at all. Likewise it is possible to do the upgrade over several seasons if this is preferred.

Do you guarantee the plants that you put in?

If you select our aftercare service we will replace any new plants that fail within the first 6 month after planting.

Do you take the rubbish away when you landscape a garden?

All unwanted wastes are disposed of via a properly licensed waste carrier, unless we inform you otherwise this has been included in our price.

A country garden designed & built by ourselves on the Isle of Wight


Many of our clients decide to keep us on after their project to ensure their garden receives the very best of care. We can also supply a maintenance schedule to assist clients who would enjoy taking care of their garden themselves.

Tim Brayford Landscapes were established in 1980 and we are British Association of Landscape Industries National Award Winners for Garden Design & Construction. For more photos, advice & stories about gardening please visit our  website  email  phone 07890 869918 logo & name 26.10.21