Tim Brayford’s Garden Thugs

Garden Thugs 1

Many plants are promoted as being easy to grow and quick to establish, however some of them have the potential to rapidly outgrow themselves, and are totally unsuited to the average suburban garden.  Their removal once they have become a nuisance can be both challenging and expensive if they are in a confined space with restricted access.

Here are just a few examples:-

1 Pampas Grass – Cortaderia selloana

A tall grass native to south America , rapidly forms clumps 2 – 4 m high, can spread up to 7m wide.

Grown for its attractive plumes, has razor sharp leaves and has been banned from some countries as an invasive species.

Pampas pot grown

In the pot

Pampas clump

Established plant

2 Leylandii Hedging – Cupressus X leylandii

A hybrid tree resulting from a cross between the Monterey and Nootka Cypress trees, ultimate height around 35 m and spread 7 m.

Grown as a rapidly establishing evergreen hedge with a growth rate of up to 1 m a year, it is shallow rooted and prone to wind damage and has been the subject of disputes between neighbours leading to the passing of the High Hedges  Act.

Leylandii pg

In the pot

Leylandii trees

Established trees

3 New Zealand Flax – Phormium tenax

A robust evergreen clump forming perennial plant, depending on variety can grow to 4m high with a spread of 2.5m.

Grown for its decorative leaves it has a well-developed fibrous root system which makes controlling the spread difficult and ultimate removal problematic

Phormium tenax pg

In the pot

Phormium tenax clumps

Established plants

4. Red Bistort – Persicaria amplexicaulis

Another robust clump forming perennial plant, semi-evergreen, with a height and spread of around 1.2m
Grown for its spikes of red, purple or white flowers from mid-summer to early autumn it is more suited to a large country house garden and will soon dominate a small herbaceous or mixed border.

Persicaria pg

In the pot

Persicaria clump

Established Plants

5. Black Bamboo – Phyllostachys nigra

A tall bamboo native to Hunan province in China with an ultimate height of around 25m.

Grown for its slender arching stems which turn from green to black as they mature this bamboo possesses running rhizomes which can spread indefinitely at a rate of 1m-1.5m a year.

Black Bamboo pg

In the pot

Black Bamboo Forest

Established plants

 Russian Vine – Polygonum baldschuanicun

An Asiatic deciduous climbing plant with stems that can grow up to 50m in length.

Grown to cover unsightly structures such as fences it has nectar rich fragrant white flowers, it can spread at a rate of 4m a year.

Russian Vine pg

In the pot

Russian Vine established

Established Plant

Tim Brayford Landscapes were established in 1980 and we are British Association of Landscape Industries National Award Winners for Garden Design & Construction. For more photos, advice & stories about gardening please visit our  website  email timbrayfordlandscapes@gmail.com  phone 07890 869918

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