Pond Life by Garden Designer Tim Brayford


A successful garden will  contribute significantly to our well-being and quality of life.  It may play host to a broad range of flora and fauna enhancing local biodiversity and collectively benefiting the wider world environment by absorbing CO2. Here are just a few examples from gardens on the Isle of Wight and elsewhere. 

Pond Life

www.timbrayford.co.uk Damsel Flies (2)

Damsel flies

www.timbrayford.co.uk marsh marigold & bee

Marsh Marigold and Bee

Yellow Flag Iris

A small wildlife pond

www.timbrayford.co.uk canada goose family

Canada goose family


jersey butterfly

A Jersey Tiger butterfly feeds on a pond side plant

www.timbrayford.co.uk fish fry

Fish fry in a healthy pond

www.timbrayford.co.uk garden ducks

A pair of wild ducks

www.timbrayford.co.uk Toad 27.7.16 (2)

A Common Toad

Kingfisher 1

A rare glimpse of a kingfisher

Tim Brayford Landscapes were established in 1980 and we are British Association of Landscape Industries National Award Winners for Garden Design & Construction. For more photos, advice & stories about gardening please visit our  website  email timbrayfordlandscapes@gmail.com  phone 07890 869918

www.timbrayford.co.uk logo & name 26.10.21

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