A Cottage Garden near Godshill, Isle of Wight by Garden Designer Tim Brayford

Tim Brayford Landscapes – Herbaceous Border

A Cottage Garden in Godshill, I.W.


How do you make a cottage garden easier to look after and prettier too?

When our client needed to cut down on heavy work in the garden of her thatched cottage near Godshill she decided to seek professional help. She had initially bought the 17th century stone cottage as a weekend retreat from a high powered job in London and her recent retirement now allowed her to spend more time in the garden there.

A great deal of attention was paid to planning the project with positive exchanges of ideas between ourselves and our client, these discussions are of vital importance to achieve a successful outcome. Amongst the challenges that we faced was to add features that instantly looked old to blend in seamlessly with their surroundings.

Tim Brayford Landscapes – Newly laid paving and bricks


We were tasked with remodelling the driveway, we replaced an area of lawn with decorative pebbles which were retained by a low brick wall. A low maintenance flower bed was planted around an antique bird bath, it was adjacent to a window so both birds and blooms could be enjoyed from indoors as well as out.

Tim Brayford Landscapes – A large skipper butterfly feeding on geranium “Wargrave’s Pink

Ancient flagstones were recycled to construct new access paths around the cottage whilst further away brick paths edged the lawn, leading through to the orchard. It’s so important to make the correct choices with these kinds of materials, many modern bricks are far too regular and uniformly coloured for this kind of location but we found some that looked hand made with an irregular finish and colour variations.

Our client was delighted :- “ Tim’s advice was excellent, he is very helpful and knowledgeable . What he has done is nicely in keeping with what was here already”

For more photos, advice & stories about gardening please visit our  website  email timbrayfordlandscapes@gmail.com  phone 07890 869918



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